Monday, 24 March 2014

#NoMakeupNomination #CancerAwareness

This recent trend has taken my newsfeed by storm. And to be honest… I don't know how I feel about it.

I think it is great that people want to show that naturalness and naked femininity is beautiful but at the same time I understand that a lot of girls are just looking for a couple likes and attention. 

The main question everyone is asking is: Is this helping cancer awareness? 

And as far as my newsfeed goes… Probably not. (Maybe I just have crappy Facebook friends? :P)

I guess that its all rooted in those horrendous neknomination things. Turning something dumb into something worth while. I also guess that it was an attempt to appeal to the general selfie-taking masses. I get it. I just think that it was a bit lost in translation. I also think that people opposing this trend is becoming the new 'hipster' thing to do and now it is all in a downward spiral.  

As someone who has dealt with cancerous growths and all that fun stuff - it doesn't really do much for me. I don't feel supported or hopeful or any of those things -- maybe I'm just not emotional enough? :P 

I then read a link in someones status that did speak to me… 


First of all I would like to say that it’s so special to see so many girls being proud of their natural beauty, I really do commend you on this. I truly wish that we would be this proud everyday to go make-up free, I am not one to talk often I have a little break out and you wouldn’t see me posting pictures of myself with no makeup all over Social Media – when I got asked to  partake in the #nomakeupselfie campaign I knew in my heart that it is something I would not be doing & not because of the no-make up part – for completely different reasons.
I truly believe that Social Media has become a platform where anything & everything goes – the aim of the game: lets see how many people we can get to do something cool or stupid and see if we can get this to go VIRAL.
How many online trends to we see come and go? As lovely as you all look with no make-up I must really say that I believe in no way are you helping Cancer Awareness ( now my opinion on that too is completely controversial and I will be getting to that) the only thing you are promoting is your self.
Hey look at me, look how beautiful I look with no-makeup. If this is what you wanted to show the world then you should be proud to wear no make up all the time.
How are you actively making a change? Wouldn’t it be more credible if we were to go & get ourselves a mammogram? And write on your status – I just had my breast checked and I am healthy & strong? Now that would be promoting Healthy Breast Awareness.
I think we need to make a conscious decision about how we want to use Social Media for good, make a conscious decision about what type of content you share.
I think it is so easy for us all to just hop on the bandwagon of the latest Social Media Trend without even thinking. It is so easy for us to conform to society – it’s like breeding a new trend of sheep.
Now getting onto the Cancer part – do you ever wonder why so many people nowadays are getting Cancer? Because of campaigns like the #NOMAKEUPSELFIE campaign. In no way are you doing anything positive to beat or eliminate cancer.
The Saying “ It Spreads like Cancer” – have you ever really thought about how society CREATES cancer, SPREADS Cancer and adds to the Cancer POT.
It fascinates me how people can be so naïve about the power of the mind and the subconscious. By constantly using the word CANCER, CANCER,CANCER you are creating a fearful society, one that FEARS getting cancer, thinks about Cancer all the time and therefore CREATES Cancer.
Brands should become actively aware of the power they give cancer by how much energy they give this dreaded disease.
Instead of always using the word Cancer why cant we stop feeding the Cancer cycle and use words such as Breast HEALTH, Testicular HEALTH to create campaigns that promote the health side of things.
I will tell you why – you forget how much money medical companies make off sick people – we live in a world where money is everything, money is power and the powers that be give CANCER the power to make more money.
The more they spread the fear of Cancer, the more they spread the disease, as the mind is extremely powerful and if you are fearful or getting cancer chances are you will manifest this horrible disease in some way and the more money they make of you becoming sick.
Now I am not saying do not go for check ups and completely ignore the disease – my grandmother died of breast cancer – so it is something that is close to my heart.
What I am trying to say is that stop adding to the cancer pot. Stop SPREADING the word Cancer, Stop posting, Self-promoting selfies to Promote CANCER to feel good about yourself.
Go For a CHECK UP!!! Wake up everyday and remind yourself and tell yourself that you are HEALTHY, STRONG and FREE.
Lets stop SPREADING The Cancer.
I had my breasts checked last week & I’m lump Free.

I then discovered a status one of my friends made: 

I feel like this no make up selfie thing is just another excuse for you girls to have a photo shoot with yourselves. Your selfie does nothing for cancer.

Of course, numerous arguments ensued. One girl in particular commented (to defend her recently posted #nomakeupselfie) :

The selfies create awareness, just like people spray their hair for the 'shaveathon'. The selfies show how girls should be able to ppst pictures bare face and feel confident without makeup. i dont agree with your status

To which my friend gallantly replied:

My status isn't there to create offense. My grandmother died of cancer so I'm not trashing the cause I'm just stating that most girls are just doing it for a selfie and aren't donating anything towards the drive so. Thanks for your comment?

It still made me feel unsettled. There is no black and white answer to this situation. No right and wrong.

What I saw next further convinced me of this belief…

No makeup selfies: as a survivor I can reflect back to when I was terminally ill. When I first started chemo and my hair started to fall out, that was the end of the world for me. I was upset, mortified because my hair was my identity. It's what made me look like a girl and I didn't want to lose it, but eventually I lost it all. I felt ugly, crushed, and depressed that my hair was gone, never mind the fact that I was fighting for my life! I think the selfies are a great way to create awareness, and obviously not cure cancer. It's a way of the ladies showing that everyone can still be beautiful and have confidence even without something that they may wear everyday or is a major factor to their physical appearance... To the people who actually donate the money via a website or SMS, you guys even cooler 

I then realized that  it clearly can't be completely useless. It all just depends on intention.

I felt like there should be a way of marrying the two concepts together: creating cancer awareness and uplifting woman in terms of natural femininity.

So I posted my own status -- an extremely rare occurrence.

Maybe instead of taking a selfie of no makeup, take a selfie of yourself after you've had a mammogram.. Win win no?

Although unimpressive in its wording and it involves no hashtags, I feel like it is a good idea.

There is no cure as yet. A picture will not change this. But there is prevention. There is early detection. There is always hope.

Be responsible. Everyone always thinks that it will never be them, they are outsiders looking in on the struggle. Thats not true.

Have a mammogram. Take a selfie, before, during, after or all three. Create ACTIVE AWARENESS.

Take a selfie with or without makeup, however you feel beautiful. But take it feeling beautiful, proactive and educated.

Thats my feelings on the issue anyway. What are yours? :)


Saturday, 8 March 2014

"I revealed too much too soon. I was emotionally slutty."

After being stuck on what exactly to post on my blog next I had to ask myself what I wanted to put out in the world. There are already far too many beauty blogs and food blogs and all of that… So what do I want to put out there? What new do I have to add to this boundless abyss that is the internet? And I came to the lame conclusion that the only answer to the question was… Me. I can't promise to offer the best review ever on some stupid hair product that at the end of the day has the same crap in it that all the other products have. But I can offer a new, fresh, personal view on things. Albeit random things. But things none the less!

I have always loved writing. I remember being little and writing in some tinkerbelle notebook stories about fairies and princes and mushroom houses (I was weird even as a six year old). And even at the age of six I was completely convinced that my fairy stories were one day going to be published. -- I wish I could say that that was my weirdest 'quirks' as a child. But alas, I was completely… eccentric. I had a favorite foot that my shoe always had to go on first, I refused to wear pants because those were only for boys and the list is endless. But that is besides the point.

MY POINT IS: My entire life I have loved writing. But another important point about my fairy stories is that I never ever finished one of them. Ever. I just abandoned them. I was and am a perfectionist and self-critical and all those horrendous artistic traits. I am terrified of finishing something because I feel like it will never be perfect -- it took me years to even be able to finish a painting.

Leonardo da Vinci said "Art is never finished. Only abandoned." and that is truly how I feel sometimes. But then at the same time I feel like theres something beautiful about something raw and slightly incomplete. Rawness is appealing to me. In a world of photoshop and instagram filters and thesauruses, naturalness and even crudeness is sexy to me.

And that is how my brain works really, it goes around and round in circles of contradicting thoughts until I feel like there is no possible definite decision and that it only has to do with what I am feeling at that exact time. Perfection or Rawness. Flip a coin.

Lets put it this way… Most woman want to go out or on a date or to an interview looking like the best version of themselves. They'll do their hair and makeup and bring out those painful shoes that make our legs look slightly better. With writing or art or photography, it is permanent. Something you can revisit over and over again. Something that can haunt you. You want it to be 'the best version of you'.
BUT THEN reverting back to the Perfection vs Raw thing… In order to be different. Memorable. Special. Perfection will not be enough. Perfection is boring. Perfection isn't real.

I want to show every weird and wonderful (more weird than wonderful) version of myself. Most of those versions I'm not even familiar with. But I'll try.

And to that one person out there that might possibly bother to read what I have to say… Firstly, I apologize :P Secondly, bear with me, I'm finding my feet. And lastly, Thank You :)

In other news… I cut off my hair for cancer.

Where'd all my hair go? :O 

*Maybe if I pull an ugly face no one will notice I have no hair?*

P.S. Sorry about the rambling xox