Monday, 24 February 2014

*fake* Blonde Ambition

I've been blonde for about three months now. For the most part, I absolutely love it! It did take a good month of being a rather awkward color and my hair looking like straw before I loved it though…

Like most things that I do in my life, my hair transition was rather 'spur of the moment'. Although people, and even my mother - who had once even booked me an appointment at a fancy salon to dye it a few years ago which resulted in me disappearing for the day and miss the appointment- had been telling me for years to do it.

My hairdresser, who has known me since my very first colour treatment (awwww), has a theory: Every time Liza breaks up with a boyfriend. Her hair suffers changes. And I guess that this is completely true. Yes, there is some psychological reasoning and all that crap about emotional coping mechanisms and blah blah blah. But, I don't really care. Well, this said breakup was a rather large one and thus required a massive change. Liza's answer? LETS FRY YOUR HAIR OFF AND MAKE IT BLONDE.

"Fry" is not an over exaggeration. My hair sizzled. To cut a long story short *no pun intended* I ended up having to chop my sizzled albeit bum-length hair off in Paris. My logic was: if you're going to chop your hair off, it might as well be in Paris. It was a very fancy salon and my hairstylist spoke about two and a half words of english.. if that is not trust in the French nation I don't know what is!

My new Parisian length hair 
To be honest, I am so happy that I was 'forced' into cutting it. It was highly liberating. In fact, I am planning on cutting my hair even shorter.

this is around the length that i want to go 

Just as a side note: I am not a Kardashian / Jenner enthusiast. I merely like this haircut. So sue me!

Also, I've found that the structure and thus treatment of my hair is completely different. Where before, my hair used to lovingly drink moroccan oil, it now responds much better to cream based treatments. I've also had to buy into this whole "Purple Shampoo" trend (I use the Lush one). I'm not going to go into a whole product review because I have been blonde for such a short period of time that I feel that other blogs have much more to offer. How ever, I must say that the Kerestace mask that I bought in Paris will work wonders for anyones hair. So I'll post a picture of that, just cause I'm feeling super nice and technological. #YoureWelcome


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