Thursday, 20 February 2014

Eurotrippin' *Amsterdam *Germany *Austria *Italy *Switzerland *France

My beautiful Parisian Purchase 

Snow in Switzerland - posed in front of it but refused to take part in the snowball fight. 

feeling very french roaming the streets with a baguette

Touch Down Amsterdam! 

Flugel shots on a canal cruise in Amsterdam

"drinking coffee" in Amsterdam after a live sex show … yes. I did have nightmares. 

Tourist Photo in Amsterdam because who doesnt love random big letters? and we were too student-y to afford the Van Gogh museum. 

Magnificent Munich 

Following the gold brick road in Munich 

Beer Hall in Munich 

Gluwein in Austria, Innsbruck

Human statue in Austria 

Amazing Austria

I'm not a fan of beer but that didn't stop me from having a surprisingly yummy radler in the German Beer Hall 

Absinthe. Need I say more?

Gondola in Venice. 

First italian meal in Venice

Selfie with our very loud gondola … driver?

Getting very buzzed at dinner in Venice

They made me do it :( 

Italian hot chocolate. Love in a cup. 

Trevi Fountain. Rome. Obsessed. 

All roads lead to Rome 

Tiramisu on Christmas eve after walking on the Roman highway for 2.5 hours

Italian Christmas and the Colosseum 

This is what an italian hangover looks like. I would know. 

Christmas in Florence

Florence. Freezing. Christmas. 

Drunken Santa

Nothing says christmas like a horny italian hitting on our tour guide <3

I have no words. 

Stunning Switzerland

The door of my hotel room in Switzerland 

Fake excitement for the snow. Switzerland 

Weird but amazing indian restaurant discovery in Switzerland. 

First sight of the Arc d Triumph 

Napoleons tomb 

That big pointy thing.

That big pointy thing sparkling. 

Love lock bridge. Paris. 

Moulin Rouge Glamour 

looking sexy at the Moulin Rouge

Duck l'orange. French food <3

Laduree Macaroons on the Champs Eleysse 

Arc selfie 

My beautiful macaroons. 

French duck is better than any other duck. I oath. 

Paris wouldn't be Paris without a little romance. 

Drunk. Free champagne. Rome.

I thought that i would post a few 'sweet nothings' from my trip to europe instead of writing about it. It was truly one of the best times in my life. I think that I am a Europe-Girl at heart.

I left my heart in Rome… and Paris.

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